Plato once said, “Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul.” 2,300 years later, those words still hold that truth as if they were etched into a never-fading stone. Sometimes when music and rhythm find their way to a certain soul, that magical union can produce such inspirational songs that find their way to us all. Avé is that certain soul who, with her real and raw R&B, will be the inspiration and musical healing that we all desperately need these days.

Originally hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana, Avé was raised in a large family, all of whom were musically inclined. As with many musical families, music was the centerpiece that brought everyone together. Avé was always the singer in the family, and it was also no surprise to anyone when she quickly took to keyboards and guitar.

Along with her budding musical talents as a child, she excelled academically, specifically in every English course she ever took. She wrote poetry and she wrote stories, all of which lead her to write song lyrics and ultimately became a composer. She has always been a “creative” but writing was her first love.

Growing up in New Orleans was not without its challenges. Being a child in an inner city, she bore witness to violent acts that left an indelible imprint on her. These experiences made their way into her writing, into her poetry, and ultimately into her music. Her raw and honest lyrics open a window into what it is like to grow up in a complex world filled with love and music, but also sorrow.

Avé is a multi-award winning artist/songwriter. Her first official single release as a solo artist, “Good Life” is set to be released May 9, 2021.